MicroLED Technology for an Unprecedented TV Experience

Made possible by Samsung’s advancements in semiconductor processing techniques and LED technology, the pixel LED modules of The Wall’s self-emitting technology are smaller than ever before, and each chip incorporates RGB color. As a result, The Wall’s self-emitting technology removes the need for color filters altogether and is able to deliver up to 2000 nits of peak brightness, brighter white hues, darker black shades and the truest natural colors.

Additionally, its bezel-less design enables the individual modules of The Wall to fit together seamlessly, removing limitations to screen size and making it difficult to tell where the screen ends and the wall begins.

The Wall offers superlative picture quality and can be extended to just about any size or shape. But to complete the viewing experience, it also needs high-resolution content. That’s why Samsung’s 85-inch 2018 QLED TV is equipped with AI technology which transforms all pictures into 8K high-quality content by adjusting the algorithm in the display based on a user’s prior experiences.